Welcome to BénéCycling, a project where I will cycle from Antwerp to Switzerland, together with my brothers, in order to raise money for charity. We are doing this as a tribute to our sister, Bénédicte, who died of a very aggressive type of kidney cancer at the age of 48, a mere 2 months after being diagnosed. With this cycling project we want to raise money for a charity dedicated to cancer research. The charity is ‘Kom op tegen kanker’ – freely translated this means ‘stand up against cancer’. Our bicycle tour starts off in Antwerp, where we live, and brings us to Rolle in Switzerland, where Bénédicte used to live – symbolically bridging the distance between our lives.

Laurence Boxus


Once Bénédicte knew she had not long to live, she decided I should have her racing bike, as she considered me the only person able to do something worthwhile with it. I promised her I would use her bike to set myself a challenge and raise money for a charity that fights this terrible disease. This prospect pleased her. Thus the idea came about to cycle from Antwerp to Switzerland.

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We set off on Saturday September 20th in Waarloos (Kontich, Antwerp) and will arrive in Rolle, Switzerland on Saturday 27th of September.
You can find our route below.

Day 1WaarloosHuy(BE)120 Km
Day 2HuyLeglise(BE)120 km
Day 3LegliseKédange(FR)110 km
Day 4KédangeLunéville(FR)125 km
Day 5LunévillePort sur Saône(FR)145 km
Day 6Port sur SaôneArbois(FR)120 km
Day 7ArboisMouthe(FR)60 km
Day 8MoutheRolle(CH)60 km


Sponsor us!

Our main goal is to collect as much money for cancer research as possible.
This is where we really need your help! You can sponsor our project in several ways.

1. Join us for the kick-off breakfast on Saturday September 20th

We jumpstart our cycling project with a big kick-off breakfast. All supporters are invited to have breakfast together and then wave us goodbye as we set off on our journey. Breakfast is at 8 a.m. and the departure of the cyclists is scheduled at 10 a.m. Taking part in the breakfast costs 30 euro ; proceeds go in full to the charity 'kom op tegen kanker’.

2. Cycle part of our journey with us on day 1

You can cycle along with us: Either you can join us for 30 km, after which you return (making a total loop of 75 km), or you can cycle 60 km with us and return at that point (making a total loop of 125 km). Cycling along with us costs 40 euro (breakfast included). Proceeds go in full to the charity 'kom op tegen kanker’.

3. You can sponsor us per kilometre

You can also transfer an amount of your choice directly into the account of the charity 'Kom op tegen kanker’ BE03 4886 6666 6684 of ‘Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker, Koningsstraat 217, 1210 Brussel’, clearly mentioning gift 110-253-861. Donations of 40 euro and upwards entitle you to a tax receipt.

BénéCycling necklace

Our sister Bénédicte was expert at finding stones shaped in the form of a heart. Her friends also started collecting these for her, so she had them in all colours and sizes. A heart shape is inextricably linked to the memory of Bénédicte.

Her best friend and her colleagues at Pippa0, the jewelry line for which Bénédicte was the designer, have made a necklace especially for the BénéCycling project. Proceeds of the sales of this necklace will be donated entirely to the charity 'Kom op tegen kanker’.

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A big thank you to our sponsors who have made this project possible.

Also thanks to all our relatives and friends (also in Switzerland!) who helped shape the BénéCycling project.


Laurence Boxus
zwarthoutstraat 13
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gsm +32 499 58 54 39